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An option to have multiple to do lists#85


It would be a great addition to have the option to create multiple to do lists e.g. one for study, personal etc. Or even for week by week to do lists. It’s my most used feature of Momentum and this would really make the extension perfect

2 years ago
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2 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion! We’re happy to hear that you’re using the Todo list feature. :)

We actually already have support for Multiple Todo lists available in Momentum Plus. You can see what they look like and how they work in our Multi-Todo list guide:

If have any other questions or would like to try Momentum Plus, send us a message at [email protected]. We’re happy to help however we can. :)



2 years ago

I added as a new suggestion for this - but it makes sense to mention it here as I believe it it related.

That is to have reusable, recurring task lists.

So that we do not have to re-enter task lists that are repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Task lists - that represent processes we would like to do consistently, but may be long-ish and if done infrequently are hard to remember. (thx for considering)

a year ago

My Bad - this is already possible and functional. Just needed to uncheck my tasklist once done and reuse.

Please delete my redundant independent new suggest. Had just not been unchecking individual todos and reusing them as sets. Thanks for your patience - love the product.

a year ago