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Integration: Gmail#47


Hi, I just wanted to see if gmail could be added as an inbox integration because I check it a lot.

9 months ago
Changed the title from "Add gmail to integrations list" to "Integration: Gmail"
9 months ago

Could it be just a notification that there is new mail/Gmail?
Because yes it can after POP3 / IMAP - any mail.
Should it load mail?
POP3 / IMAP client?

8 months ago

I agree this would be a great addition. Even if it is just a notification that displays sender and subject info…maybe even keep a list of most recent emails received….then went clicked open Gmail.

4 months ago

As much as I’d love this feature (see my post above) I think one of the reasons there may not be any progress on this is the rediculous restrictions Google places on accessing Gmail through apps and extensions..

You have to go through a very lengthy auditing process with Google and a security firm and must pay an absurd fee of $15,000 to $75,000 (or more)

Here is the link for those interested: (look towards the very end of the page for the fee info)

Hopefully they can one day figure out a way to make it happen…along with repeating todos ;-)

3 months ago