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Photo change interval option#347

I recently noticed that Momentum’s photo changes each day rather than changing everytime a new tab is opened. I enjoyed the previous version where the background photo of Momentum was something different each time I opened a new tab because I would take the time to look at the Momentum page and glance at my To-do List. I believe the old format somehow helped me pay attention to what needed to get done, something that is diffucult or can get quite tiring with my ADHD. Now I get “bored” and somewhat annoyed at the Mometum photo that I have to see 20+ times in one day becasue of the amount of tabs I open, or/and the amount of times I referenece the Momentum page to check something off my To-do List.

I think adding a setting that lets users choose the option between having one momentum photo per day (or a certain amount of time, e.g. 4 hrs), and everytime a new tab is opened would be very beneficial to users who struggle with ADHD or feel the same way I do.

9 months ago

Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback, Diana. :)

Adding the option to change the frequency that content is refreshed (e.g. photos, quotes, mantras) is definetly planned for the future. 👍

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that in the Plus version you have the option to skip and change between photos whenever. You can learn more about those options in this help article:

Thanks again for your suggested improvement, Diana. We appreciate your feedback and support!



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